About Me

Let an Experienced Copywriter Work for You

I’m Amon

As your copywriter, I save you time, money, and headaches. 

Even though I’ve written about everything from product reviews to carpet cleaning, I thrive when churning out content for B2B SaaS companies and eCommerce plaforms.

My writing process? 

First, I’ll take the time to understand your business model and target audience. Then, I’ll write an engaging copy that your prospects care to read.

My job is to curate content that tells your reader how your business can solve their pain points in your brand’s voice. That way, you’ll strengthen relationships with your new and existing customers, resulting in positive ROI.

Let's Talk

Easy-to-consume content isn’t the only thing I put on the table.  

I read and follow top digital marketing and technology/business magazines and websites, including HubSpot, Convenience & Convert, SEMrush, DigitalMarketer, TechCrunch, Mashable, and BusinessWeek.  

My core values (quality, honesty, continual improvement, discipline, and agility) are not just words on a wall; they weave through my work.